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Ultrafine Copper Powder is produced by gas atomization condensation method with the result of a minimum purity of 99%. it is used to extend the functionnalities and the ressource capabilities of of many equipment structures. the Ultrafine Copper Powder is used in MLCC, coating, magnetic mineral, rechargeable batteries, frictions materials, Diamond tools, and by majors industries: Energy, Military, Medical, transport, Construction...


  • Isotopic non-radioactive & non-toxic.

  • 63Cu (89.1% ± 0.05%), 65Cu (30.9% ± 0.05%) .

High Purity of 99.9996%~99.9999%.

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工业盐在工业生产中扮演着重要的角色,它是许多化学反应的必要原料。然而,进口工业盐需要在海关进行一系列的清关操作。本文将详细介绍工业盐进口清关所需的资料和操作流程,以及需要注意的事项。 一、工业盐进口清关所需资料 收发货人备案号:在进行工业盐进口之前,收发货人需要向所在地的检验检疫部门进行备案,并获得备案号。 工业用标签标签:工业盐的包装上需要贴上用于标识产品名称、规格、商标、等级、生产厂家和本标准


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