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Super Lubricants

We are different

​In the total energy consumption of society, industrial energy consumption accounted for the highest proportion.

Lub-One Super Lubrication Technology helps greatly reduce the industrial energy consumption in the useless more than 5~30%, improve the effective output work. 

​Compared to other products, Apollo Space Age Super Lubricants contribute a lot of outstanding benefits: 

  • Lubrication is 6 times than others

  • Extend Maintenance Period 4+ times

  • Reduce Temperature 10~60℃

  • Reduce Total noise reduces 10dB+

  • high-frequency noise reduces100%

  • Bear heavy duty,including impact load and point load

  • Good Permeability——Easily infiltrate any micro defects

  • Waterproof...

  • YouTube

Bench test: Comparison of Mobil, Shell, Lub-One Grease on Energy Cost, Scar, and Noise

  • YouTube

Comparison of Mobil, Shell, and Lub-One Grease on Last Non-Seizure Load (PB Value)



Greases & Engine Oils

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  • Save 10%~20% gas or diesel

  • Extend mileage extremely

  • Extend 4 times of maintenance period

  • Easy to boost under low temperature (-40℃)

  • Protect battery

  • Extremely reduce failure rate

  • ​Work on heavy duty

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