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Municipal Sewage System  

Intelligent Maintenance 

What we face?

4 Issues of Sewage System

How does

LifeSys Sewage Intelligent Maintenance Solution


​Environment-Friendly Beneficial Bacterial

We have developed environment-friendly beneficial microorganisms for degrading pollutants that enter the sewer. Pollutants are broken down into fluidity of small molecules of organic matter, and then release carbon dioxide, nitrogen and so on. The two main gases are odourless  unlike methane, ammonia, and hydrogen sulfide, which are released by the fermentation of native microorganisms that grow naturally in sewers.

We DO NOT use GMO technique in our products.


​Distributed Bio-Reactors Treat FOGs from the Beginning

All  the wastes of a sewage network are collected from each sewers, which is the best position to start to treat the pollutant.

Restaurants are the places generated most of fat, oil, and grease. We install the bio-reactors in front of the grease trap in order to treat FOG at the source.


​Sewage Pumping Station

——A waste treatment hub

Odour is the key problem that workers need to face in a sewage pumping station. Ammonia could kill people in a closing area. Unfortunately, many cases happen every year. Settle and remove sludge is another duty. 

LifeSys Bio-solution resolvedly addresses deep-rooted problems.

Sewage Pumping Station.png

​Always Safety First——Life Security & Ecological Security

Safety is the always on the first priority of our research. We only choose those bacterial in CLASS 1 microbial  library, which do not cause any disease to the human being and animals. Actually, it's all over the space we live in. 

Environment-friendliness includes human health security, and environmental and ecological security.

Beneficial Bacterial.jpg

​Distributed Bio-Reactors Treat in Septic Tanks

Wherever a septic tank of the single house or a big tank of the apartment or a commercial building, odour and clogged are abominable. Frequent maintenance is also a headache. Under the degradation of nutrients by aerobic microorganisms, instead of releasing large quantities of methane, ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, they release odorless substances such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen and sulfate.


​Sewage Network becomes Treatment Plant

With  the contribution of LifeSys Sewage Intelligent Maintenance System, the municipal sewage has been upgraded to a powerful wasted water treatment plant. 50% or even more waste (COD, BOD, ammonia, phosphor...)  can been reduced during the transportation , which shares a lot of duty of the end treatment place——wasted water treatment plants.

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