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Marfrig Global Foods S.A., a prominent player in the food processing industry, has solidified its position by becoming the majority shareholder in BRF S.A. This strategic move, marked by a significant increase in equity interest, was detailed in a securities filing by BRF dated December 28. Marfrig now holds a commanding 50.06% share in BRF, through its possession of 842,165,702 common shares and American Depositary Receipts (ADRs), encapsulating more than half of BRF’s total issued and outstanding capital.

Despite this substantial acquisition, Marfrig has publicly announced its intention to maintain the status quo regarding BRF’s shareholding and administrative structures. In a statement, Marfrig clarified that it does not intend to make changes to the current management or the overall corporate governance of BRF. Additionally, it assured stakeholders that it has not entered into any contracts aimed at controlling voting rights or managing the buying and selling of BRF’s securities. This approach suggests Marfrig’s confidence in BRF’s existing operational framework and its commitment to stability in the company’s leadership and strategic direction.

The journey to acquiring majority ownership was gradual and strategically executed by Marfrig. It began in May 2021, when Marfrig first made a significant investment in BRF by purchasing a 24.23% stake. Over the next couple of years, Marfrig progressively increased its share, signaling a strong commitment and belief in BRF’s potential. By September 2023, Marfrig had increased its stake to 40.05%, holding a total of 673,879,961 common shares, setting the stage for the eventual majority ownership.

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