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15. Iran's zinc mine output in 2020: 140,000 tons

Iran is the 15th largest zinc producer in the world with reserves of 11,000 tonnes. The country produced a strong 140,000 tonnes in 2020, making it an integral part of the world's zinc supply chain. The Mehdiabad project is one of the largest zinc reserves in the world and has been operating since the 1950s.

14. Portugal's zinc mine production in 2020: 160,000 tons

Portugal ranks 14th among the world's largest zinc producers, with production reaching 160,000 tonnes in 2020. The country's proven reserves are approximately 30,000 tonnes, and the Neves-Corvo mine is an important part of this achievement. Advanced mining technology and responsible practices signal Portugal's commitment to sustainable mining and strengthen its position in the global zinc industry.

13. Zinc mine output in South Africa in 2020: 160,000 tons

In 2020, South Africa's zinc reserves reached 193,8000 tons, and the reserves were as high as 161,000 tons. The Gamsberg mine is a key resource in making South Australia the 13th largest zinc producer as it demonstrates the resourcefulness and sustainability of its mining practices.

12. Brazil's zinc mine output in 2020: 170,000 tons

In 2020, Brazil added 173,000 tons of zinc to the global market, making it the 12th largest zinc producer in the world. Aripuana, a zinc-lead-silver-gold mine under development in Brazil, is expected to produce 20,000 tonnes of zinc equivalent per annum within 13 years. Brazil also has 2,464,000 tons of zinc reserves that can influence future trends in the global zinc industry.

11. Kazakhstan's zinc mine output in 2022: 200,000 tons

As of 2022, Kazakhstan is the 11th largest zinc producer with a production of up to 200,000 tons. The Central Asian giant's zinc reserves, estimated at 7,400,000 tons, are bound to boost the global metals economy. The Priorskoye mine, the largest zinc mine in Kazakhstan, has meticulously maintained infrastructure conducive to zinc extraction and adheres to strict safety protocols.

10. Sweden's zinc mine output in 2022: 240,000 tons

Sweden is the tenth largest zinc producer in the world and contributes generously to global zinc supply. In 2022, Swedish mines produced 240,000 tonnes of zinc. Its reserves are estimated at 4 million tons, ensuring its continued presence in the industry.

9. Canada's zinc mine production in 2022: 250,000 tons

Canada is one of the largest zinc producers, with output set to reach 250,000 tonnes by 2022. Canada's zinc reserves are estimated at 18 million tonnes, confirming its long-term production potential. Canada, in particular, needs credit for smart mine management, as it exports significant zinc production to reduce supply-demand deficits.

8. Zinc mine output in Russia in 2022: 280,000 tons

Russia is the eighth largest zinc producer in the world. By 2022, 280,000 tonnes of zinc will be mined in the country. With its staggering 22 million tons of zinc reserves, Russia occupies a strategic position in the global market, underpinning its sustainable future. Russia is the 33rd largest exporter of zinc and has contributed significantly to the development of zinc-dependent industries.

7. Bolivia's zinc mine output in 2022: 520,000 tons

Bolivia maintains its firm position as the seventh-largest zinc producer with 520,000 tonnes in 2022. While the USGS report we consulted did not reveal the country's zinc reserves, the South American country's commitment to mining and exporting this versatile metal has certainly boosted the global zinc supply chain.

6. Mexico's zinc mine output in 2022: 740,000 tons

Mexico is the sixth-largest zinc producer, with production as high as 740,000 tonnes in 2022. With strong reserves estimated at 12 million tonnes, Mexico is Latin America's zinc mining powerhouse. This capacity highlights Mexico's potential for stable production and authority in international zinc supply for the foreseeable future.

5. U.S. zinc mine output in 2022: 770,000 tons

As an authority on mineral production, the United States is the fifth largest zinc producer in the world. The country's zinc mine production is set to reach 770,000 tonnes by 2022. The United States' vast geological resources host abundant zinc reserves of 7.3 million tons, reflecting the underlying strength of the US mining industry. These rich reserves are designed to drive economic development and drive innovation in industries that rely on this versatile metal.

4. India's zinc mine output in 2022: 830,000 tons

India's diverse geology hosts the planet's largest deposits of mineral metals, including zinc. Statistics from the US Geological Survey in 2022 show that India is among the top 5 zinc producers in the world. The South Asian giant has a respectable 2022 output of 830,000 tonnes (significantly higher than its 2021 throughput of 777,000 tonnes). Moreover, India's zinc reserves of 9.6 million tons provide a solid basis for continued production. India's proficiency in extracting this key industrial metal, combined with its abundant zinc reserves, has made it a leader in the zinc market.

3. Australia's zinc mine output in 2022: 1.3 million tons

Australia has a strong position as the world's third largest zinc producer, with 1.3 million tonnes of zinc mined by 2022. Australia's vast mineral wealth is evident in its reserves of 66 million tonnes of this precious base metal. The country has the world's largest zinc reserves, highlighting the long-term potential for continued production.

2. Peru's zinc mine output in 2022: 1.4 million tons

Peru claims to be a geological powerhouse, and rightfully so. It is the world's second-largest zinc producer, with mines producing 1.4 million tonnes of zinc in 2022. Peru's zinc reserves are estimated at 17 million tonnes, ensuring its leading position in international zinc demand and supply. Peru's advanced mining technology and rich geological resources contributed to the development of world industry by providing zinc for galvanized steel, brass and die-cast alloys.

1. China's zinc mine output in 2022: 4.2 million tons

According to the latest data released by the US Geological Survey for 2022, China is the world's leading zinc producer. The company has amassed 4.2 million tonnes of zinc by 2022 and continues to improve its mining footprint. In fact, the country's zinc reserves of up to 31 million tons underscore its dominance in the sector. This throughput capacity is based on its rich mineral resources, which allow China to play a key role in meeting international zinc demand. China's management of zinc production reflects its strategic mining practices and forms an important part of the zinc-consuming nation.

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