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You can identify a large enterprise that might require your products or services and contact them directly to enquire about their international supplier selection process. Many organizations also have websites that enable any potential international supplier to register. These websites also list the conditions that the company will impose on suppliers and the information that they will require the potential supplier to provide, such as a credit report.

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1)油船 油船根据运输油品种类不同,分为原油船和成品油轮。 根据吨位大小的不同。 ULCC 顶级油轮——吨位320,000+ VLCC 超大型船舶——吨位200,000到320,000吨。 Suezmax——吨位120,000吨到199,999吨。 Aframax——吨位80,000吨到119,999吨。 SUEZMAX——通过苏伊士运河为限 AFRAMAX 平均运费指数AFRA(Average

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