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A certificate of free sale is a document required in certain countries or for certain commodities, certifying that the specified imported goods are normally and freely sold in the exporting country's open markets and are approved for export. As an exporter, you will be expected to meet the requirements of the country of destination. Types of Certificates According to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), there are certificates that can be issued depending on the type of products you manufacture. For federally registered commodities (meat/dairy/eggs/fruits and vegetables, including juices/ honey/maple), CFIA can issue:

  1. Export Certification: this document indicates that the company is federally inspected by CFIA and sells in Canada

  2. Free Sale Certification: this document indicates that the company is known to CFIA and sells in Canada

Note: companies producing these products must be federally certified to export. For non-federally registered commodities (e.g. chocolate/bakery/beverages excluding fruit and vegetable juices), CFIA can issue a:

Manufacturer’s Declaration Form to Cover the Export of Food Products Manufactured in Canada: The content of the document is very similar to the Free Sale Certification. In the Manufacturer’s Declaration, the manufacturer attests that they are aware of the health and safety requirements under the Food and Drugs Act and Regulations, and that they have taken all necessary actions and steps to ensure that the product is manufactured in accordance with these requirements.

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