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Grade: AAA



  • Buyer sends LOI to Seller’s Mandate.

  • Seller’s Mandate sends FCO to Buyer.

  • Buyer Signs FCO with the completed details and returns a copy by email to Seller’s Mandate within 48 hours.

  • Seller’s Mandate sends Draft of SPA to Buyer within 48 hours. Seller’s information is exposed in SPA.

  • Buyer signs SPA and sends back to Seller by email within 24 hours.

  • Seller sends Pro Forma Invoice to Buyer within 24 hours.

  • Buyer signs Pro Forma Invoice and assigns Buyer’s bank to issue the DLC to Seller’s bank within Five (5) business days.

  • Seller’s bank confirms the Receipt of DLC. Then, Seller’s bank afterwards issues PB (2%) to Buyer’s bank within Five (5) business days.

  • Seller is responsible for inspection of quality and quantity of goods at the loading port. 

  • Seller arranges the shipment and presents the original shipping documents to Seller’s Bank. Seller sends the balance ofdocuments to Buyer via email or courier.

  • Seller arranges the balance of shipments against the delivery schedule.

Crude Rapeseed Oil

SKU : CRO-24
1 000,00$Prix
  • Crude Rapeseed Oil

    Grade: AAA

    Origin: Russia, Tenzania, Malasia, Ukraine, 

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